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LIMS Colleges

Parent Teacher Meetings

  • Parents Staff meetings are held regularly especially after each Examination to discuss ways and means not only to raise the academic standards of your daughter, but also to help her develop into a better individual.
  • Academic faculty need your support to do their job well and we appreciate and value the interest and co-operation extended by parents. 
  • Special Meetings are held whenever needed. You can meet with the subject or class teachers as many times a year as you think is required for the better progress and personality development of your daughter. 
  • But you are advised to take an appointment one day in advance and inform the Admin staff, whom do you want to see and what for, so that necessary data can be obtained. Do check telephonically the presence of the required member of the academic faculty / Admin staff on the morning of the meeting day, to avoid any inconvenience.

It has been observed that some of the parents neither turn up for the meetings nor keep themselves informed of the progress and performance of their children. It is therefore that parents should keep a regular contact with the institution’s administration for better progress of their children.