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LIMS Colleges

Rules and Regulations

Discipline Rules:

  • All students need to abide by the following as well as any other Rules and Regulations pertaining to discipline, and conduct being intimated to them from time to time:
  • Students should be neatly dressed in the prescribed College uniform during working hours and the Examination days.
  • College students need to clip the student ID card on the pocket of their shirts/ blazers
  • Students should keep the College premises clean and should not litter/ trash around.
  • Any student found damaging / spoiling/ breaking the School /College property will be likely to be punished/ fined/ struck off the Roll.
  • Students should take their attendance seriously and try not to miss any class/ day of the College.
  • Punctuality should be observed by all students.
  • Students must be respectful, obedient, and courteous towards the administrative and academic faculty, support staff, senior, junior, and fellow students and visitors. 
  • The use of unfair means (UFM) or malpractice in Examination shall be considered as a serious offence and shall lead to expulsion from the institution. 
  • Stealing or telling lies shall be viewed as serious breach of good conduct and behavior. 
  • Activities like use of intoxicants, alcoholic products, drugs, cigarettes, narcotics, chewing gum, pan, candies, bringing valuable items, mobile phones, any other electronic devices, and weapons etc. are strictly forbidden in the College premises.
  • Holding a gathering, meeting, or taking out procession inside or outside the Institution’s premises is totally prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to do strike of any sort or to protest against any decision of the administration.
  • Parents are expected to visit the institution as and when requested by the College administration during visiting hours. 
  • Students at College should consult with their assigned tutors, in all academic and administrative matters.
  • Violation of Rules may result in imposition of fine, suspension, rustication, or expulsion from the College. 
  • Decision of the Principal/ Director in all matters relating to discipline and conduct shall be final.

A Group of students including Class Captains, Captains lead by the Chief Captain and supervised by House Masters and Deputies assists the Management in maintaining Discipline in the institutions. Every member of the Academic Faculty also has the authority to check any breach of conduct and Rules in and around the institutions’ premises.

Striking Off the Roll:

The ethos of the College is not at all punitive in nature, however in the larger interest of the students and College such decisions would be enforced, if:

  • A student does not follow the Rules and Regulations of the College regarding discipline or behavior
  • A verbal warning will be given to the student, followed by a brief counseling session.
  • Another guidance session would be carried out with the student and his parents/ guardians, if the same behavior persists.
  • On the repetition of the same or similar offence a written warning will be issued to the student with an intimation to the parents/ guardians.
  • If the behavior deteriorates instead of improvement of any degree, then a final warning would   be issued, and an extended session of counseling would take place to help the student.
  • In case of no improvement at all, a College Leaving Certificate would be issued.
  • Any student found guilty of a very serious offence would be suspended for one to three days and allowed to come back with a written letter of apology and undertaking by him, countersigned by the parents/ guardians
  • Termination or striking off the Roll will be effective if the same offence is repeated by him.
  • Any student staying away from the institution without prior permission or any intimation for more than a week would be struck off the Roll, because of long uninformed absence.
  • Any student, despite of all support extended by the College based on meeting individual needs, if fails two consecutive Examinations shall be issued College Leaving Certificate. 

The decision of the Director in all matters relating to admissions, expulsions, behavior, discipline, Examinations, visits and working hours etc. shall be deemed final and non-challengeable.


Students once removed because of indiscipline shall not be reinstated. However, students struck off or suspended otherwise can be considered for reinstatement on the following conditions subject to approval by the Director:

  • Undertaking by the parent/guardian that his son/ward shall not repeat the same behaviour in future. 
  • No objection by the academic/administrative staff concerned.
  • Upon submission of a nominal reinstatement/readmission fee.

In case of readmission/ reinstatement, shortage of attendance will be at the risk of the student. Medical certificate will not be accepted in such cases and related matters shall be governed and dealt with under the Rules framed by the BISE.

Attendance and Leaves:

  • A student who fails to complete ninety percent of attendance in an academic year, will not be allowed to sit in the Annual Examination.
  • Any student staying away from the College without prior permission or any intimation for more than a week would be Struck Off the Roll, on account of long uninformed absence. Re-admission on submission of an undertaking and payment of nominal fine can be allowed only once.
  • Leave is permissible only in special circumstances on the submission of timely application in advance or on the day of absence with authorized signature of the parent/ guardian. 
  • The student who remains absent without a proper or well-defined leave application signed by the parents and duly approved by the competent authority shall consequently be struck off the Roll.