To express solidarity with internally displaced brothers and sisters of different war affected areas of our province NWFP, a 2 day relief camp was organized at the school premises on 21st and 22nd of May, 2009.

Students and teachers participated enthusiastically. Academic and administrative staff members all contributed 2 days salary to the relief fund. An amount of one lac and fourteen thousand was collected and half of it was spent on purchasing dry-food items and household goods which along with all remaining cash was handed over to Mr. Edhi.

It was a great honour that the living legend, greatest social worker of our country Abdus Sattar Edhi visited our school himself, to appreciate and encourage the students.

He addressed the school assembly, motivated students in his pure and simple style to work for the humanity, to live for others and to serve people irrespective of their cast or creed. He adoringly answered the questions of students and spent about three hours at LIMS, inspiring teachers and students both. All felt that our nation is lucky to have been blessed by Allah with an angel like human, Abdus Sattar Edhi with them.

Edhi is not a name or a person, but a movement of selfless service, humbleness and staunch commitment to a noble cause of service to humanity.

Long live Edhi and may Allah enable many other Pakistani's to be as great as Mohteram Edhi. His presensce at LIMS made it a historic day for all.

Pictures of Edhi's visit to LIMS can be found in our Image Gallery

Learning becomes effective and meaningful if it is supported by suitable and informative surroundings. In order to make classrooms real learning places a competition was organized for the improvement and decoration of class bulliten boards and notice boards. Charts, pictures, sketches and mosaics according to the age level of students were prepared by the class teachers with the input of the subject teachers in order to make classrooms great learning places.

Beautiful designs and bold colours have added to the beauty of the classes being thouhroughly enjoyed by students of all classes. Keeping in veiw the usefullness of the material, artistic displays, originality and novelty the following classes excelled in the competition.

In order to express love and gratitude to their mothers students were guided and motivated to make cards for their mothers.

Mothers who sacrifice everything for their children cannot be thanked adequately enough, however beautiful drawings and messages on the cards reflected great love of children for their mothers. The following children excelled in their expression of love.

LIMS cordially invites the students and their parents to visit school to witness the junior sections "Learning with Fun Activity" on Wednesday, the 27th of May 2009. The timings are as follows:

From 9 am to 12 noon: Ladies only

 From 12:30 till 3:0: Gents and Families


The activity will be held at school premises.


Please bring the invitation along with you.

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