NUTEC ’14 by FAST:Redifining Khyber: LIMS Participation

FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Peshawar Campus conducted a mega event on 25th to 27th April 2014, where multiple activities were carried out. Students of LIMS actively participated in the following competitions:
1) Spelling Bee: This competition was organized in order to explore English Language, to promote learning of proper word usage, correct spellings and comprehension in an atmosphere of fun and friendship. LIMS team comprised of 3 students from IX B:
i) Mohid Irfan from Khadija House
ii) Sher Ali Khattak from Fatima House
iii) Hassan Farhad from Abu Baker House
In all 13 teams participated and with the grace of Allah our students secured 3rd position. Ms Safina Bangash accompanied them and took active part in the preparation along with Mr. Faizan Ahmed Khan
2) Science Models: Students and teachers of Secondary classes of both Girls and Boys sections in the supervision of their teachers presented the following models:
i)Potato Battery: In the supervision of the Physics teacher Mr. Mohammad Imran, the following students of Class VIII B presented the model very confidently:
i) Hamza Abbas of Abu Baker House,
ii) Hamza Afridi of Abu Baker House and
iii)Nizamud Din of Khadija House.
ii)Structure of DNA: In the guidance of Biology teacher Ms. Shabnum Aziz an elaborate model was prepared and presented by the boys of Class XB depicting the enlarged structure of DNA, including:
i)Furqan Abbas of Abu Baker House
ii)Syed Sohaib Bacha of Ali House
iii)M. Abdullah Arshad of AbuBaker House
iii)Effects of Deforestation: Ms. Nosheen Sohail painstakingly guided and helped
the following girls of Class X and VIII to highlight the effects of Deforestation in a
3D model:
i) Hina Shafiq of XR from Abu Baker House
ii) Mahnoor Riaz of XR from Khadija House
iii) Faheema Yousafzai of VIII R from Khadija House
iv)Terrestrial Eco System:Ms. Shabnum Aziz with keen interest guided another
group of following students from Class IX R in a mega model depicted life plants
and animals found in deserts, forests, grasslands and plains:
i) Malaika Sajid from Fatima House
ii) Sana Khurrum from Khadija House
iii) Ayesha Hakim from Fatima House.
Participation in all the above activities provided great opportunities to build confidence, and gain knowledge from other projects and participants. Confidence and mastery of the presented topics were greatly appreciated by the judges and other guests.