Annual Result Day 2014

Academic Year 2013-14 ended with the blessings of Allah and the End of Year Result was declared on 20th March 2014. All class teachers and subject teachers handed over the results to the parents or guardians of students by throwing light upon their strengths and achievements. Areas for development were also brought to the notice of parents and  relevant guidance was provided to the parents for the upcoming year.

The joy and pleasure of students who got promoted with flying colors could be seen from their beaming faces and the vividly visible pride of their parents could be judged from their cheerful interaction. Annual Result Day is always a day of recognition and a day of rejoicing. As it is the concrete reflection of the successful collaborative efforts of parents and teachers for the development of the personalities of all the students. A very small percentage of students who, due to multiple reasons could not come up to the required standard were guided in detail and depth for better performance the next year, as focused attention has always produced appreciable results.