Events Round-up for 2012-13

I. Connecting Classroom Project:


1. Bradford Partners’ visit to Pakistan:

A team of the following members visited Pakistan from 26th February to 1st March 2013:               

1) Mr. Rizwan Rehman, Cluster Leader Bradford Cluster, Cohesion and Inclusion Lead, Department of Adult and Community Services, Bradford, UK,

2) Mr. Kevin Paul Holland, Principal Green Lane Primary School, Bradford, UK,

3) Mr. Glynn Evans Idris, teacher of Class 3 at Greenlane Primary School, and

4) Ms. Hartwell Francis, P.E teacher Green Lane Primary School, Bradford, UK  

Green Lane Primary School is one of the very active schools of Bradford Cluster and is working with us since 2008 on the Connecting Classrooms Project of the British Council. A large number of children with Pakistani origin are studying at Green Lane School. The Head and teachers wanted to explore the mother land of these children by themselves, and intended to meet the students and teachers of the Peshawar cluster. During their stay they visited many famous places of Islamabad and went to one Government and one Private School to observe teaching-learning process in normal classrooms. Along with this they interacted with students and teachers of all cluster schools of Peshawar Cluster on different days, and got impressed by the ambition, knowledge, high aims and hard work of our students and teachers. In the concluding session they expressed that this visit enabled them to clear many incorrect perceptions which many British people have about Pakistan.  They termed people of Pakistan as very friendly, loving, welcoming and peaceful people, and Pakistan as a wonderful country. They admired the beauty of Islamabad city, the Margalla hills and Patriatta a lot and showed a desire to re visit Pakistan in the near future. They called themselves as goodwill ambassadors of Pakistan.


2.Connecting Classrooms’ Work between Peshawar and Bradford

Students and teachers worked on various activities for the 4th Year of Connecting Classroom Project. This work was first displayed for students and teachers of all classes of LIMS and later was shared with other schools of Peshawar cluster before sending it to Bradford, UK. The students, teachers, Head Teachers and Cluster Leader of Bradford Schools greatly appreciated the efforts, creativity, research, presentation and imagination of our students. The activities of Year 4 were about Sports---The Games We Play at KPK / Bradford, Traveling & Tourism, Creating Models, Comparison of Urban & Rural Life through Pictures and Wiki Stories. We also received the work done at Bradford Schools, which was of extremely good standard. The use of IT for the projects based on curriculum at Bradford Schools is worth following. This work will be shared with students and teachers at the beginning of the new session and their feedback will be shared with our counter parts later.

3. Mehfil-Milad: Students and teachers with the facilitation of Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain organized a Mehfil-Milad  & Quran Khwani on 8th February, 2013. Boys of senior classes took part in the Khatm-e-Quran whereas girls of classes I to VIII along with female teachers participated actively with respect and religious fervor in Mehfil e Melad’s Naat Khwani, Darood, Salam and Duaa.


4. Hand Writing Competitions: Each and every student of all classes from class I to X took part in English and Urdu Hand Writing Competitions on 1st and 2nd January, 2013. The winners of the competitions are mentioned in this year's News Letter.

5. Fun Days:  

5.a). Fruit and Vegetable Day: An activity day was celebrated to teach the importance of fruits and vegetables to children of classes Reception to K.G. on 22nd February 2013. Children brought their favorite fruits and vegetables and wore dresses of the same colour as well. Teachers discussed the value of healthy food and emphasized the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.

5.b) Red Colour Day: The Red Colour Day was celebrated for children of Reception, Nursery and K.G. on 18th January 2013. Children dressed up in red clothes, brought fruits, vegetables, balloons and other items of the same colour and enjoyed various activities planned with special focus on red color.

5.c). The Prince Fantasy Castle: Along with studies, entertainment and recreation also contribute to the students’ all round growth and development. Fun Days sponsored by CBL, producers of Prince Biscuits and managed by SPARK Communications were arranged on 3rd for Boys and on 4th December 2012 for girls. Students of all classes enjoyed various adventurous games of the “Fun Castle” and managed to win innumerable prizes.

6. Installation Ceremony: Chief Captains, House Captains, Deputy House Captains and Class Captains of Boys and Girls Sections were installed for 2012---2013 on 21st and 22nd  November 2012 respectively.

7.Oxford Mobile Bookshop: Books in a big bus were on sale for the students and teachers, at  the school premises  in order to promote the habit of reading good books . All students visited the bus, and were appreciated for their good taste and discipline by the organizers.

8. Health Awareness: a) Doctors from Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology, Peshawar checked the eye- sight of students of Classes V to X and did the screening for Refractive Error. They guided them on how to take better care of their eyes.

8.b) Obesity in School Students: Doctors and students of Khyber Medical University interacted and guided girls and boys of Classes VI to X regarding factors and effects of obesity in school-age students.

A Very Sad Demise: Today while I was about to end this Newsletter, we at LIMS had to bear an irreparable loss. Ahmad Murtaza, son of Mr. Ahmad Farid, and a student of Class III R, during an operation at PIMS Hayatabad Hospital went into coma, and expired today in the morning, leaving us shocked and deeply grieved. May Allah rest his innocent soul in peace. He was an intelligent and a very well behaved student. We’ll always miss him. 


Teachers’ Professional Development:

1. Workshop on English Phonics: Ms. Bushra Shahab, Regional Manager Oxford University Press conducted the 2nd training of the series of “Phonics” workshop on 19th January 2013 at LIMS which was attended by all teachers of Kindergarten and Primary Section.

2. Workshop on Concept Based Science Teaching: A 1-day workshop on Concept Based Science Teaching was organized by Oxford University Press on 12th December 2012. It was attended by Ms. Farah Deeba, Ms. Faiza Saadullah and Ms. Aysha Resham Khan who found it to be very beneficial.

3. Leave Encashment: Like previous years this year also the following  most regular staff members were paid for the encashment of their un availed casual leaves:

  1. 1.Ms. Samina2. Mr.Ghulam Rasool         3. Mr. Abdul khaliq           4. Ms. Shaheen Kashmir
  2. 5.Ms. Farah6. Mr. Aurangzeb Khan     7. Ms. Zeenat Bibi              8. Ms. Shehla Afridi

9.   Ms. Bushra Rehmat  10. Ms. Safina Bangash    11. Mr. Chushti  Khan       12. Mr. Hussain Khan