Tetra Pak Graffiti Art Competition

Tetra Pak Graffiti Art Competition

Tetra Pak Pakistan visited LIMS to seek for students’ participation in an all Pakistan Graffiti Art Competition.

Six students (three from the Girls Section and three from the Boys Section) were chosen on the basis of in school competition which reflected their talents and painting skills.

They were provided with large boxes resembling Tetra Pak boxes for painting upon. The theme of the competition was “Healthy and Beautiful Pakistan.” The rules of the competition included the use of spray cans only and no brushes were to be used. This was quite a challenge for our students as they had never painted using spray cans before!

But everyone that participated put in their best effort and we were very pleased with the results. This was an excellent learning opportunity for the students and created much needed awareness about leading a healthy life and making Pakistan beautiful.

The painted Tetra Pak boxes will be sent back to their headquarters where they will compete with students from many other schools across the country.

The artwork of the finalists will be uploaded to www.facebook.com/TetraPakPakistan, where they will undergo voting and the winners will be chosen based on the number of votes their artwork receive. So make sure to vote and support the hard work done by the students of LIMS!

The six students who participated in this competition are:



Asma Khurram                                   (VIII R)

Syed Sohaib Bacha                                (VIII B)

Mohaiman Rabbani                              (IXR)

Asfandyar Afridi                                     (IX B)

Shahida Khurram                                (XR)

Abdus Samad                                         (X B)