LIMS House Staff

The Academic Faculty of LIMS, for adequate and timely guidance to students is divided into four groups, called as Houses. An effort is made to make each group very balanced as regards their subject specialty, talents and abilities to develop students’ personalities. The experienced and capable staff members take the lead as House Masters or Mistresses. The second in command are also capable teachers, who also have great potentials as mentors and guides. The rest of the staff members like a good team, work collaboratively, under the guidance of their House Masters/Mistresses and share responsibilities.    


Ali House

Fatima House

Abu Baker House

Khadija House

House Mistress/Master

Ms. Saima Shafiq


Ms. Shaheen Kashmir

Mr. Aurangzeb Khan

Ms. Qurat ul Ain

Deputy House Mistress/Master

Ms. Zeenat Bibi

Ms. Safina Bangash

Ms. Fahima Faizullah

Mr. Asif Mehmood

House Teacher

Ms. Musarrat Sadiq

Ms. Saeeda Parveen

Ms. Salma Raza

Mr. Imran Khan


Mr. Tahir Nadeem

Ms. Nasira Malik

Ms. Faiza Saadullah

Ms. Shamsa Azhar


Ms. Farah Deeba

Ms. Bushra Rehmat

Ms. Riffat Waheed

Ms. Riffat Batool


Mr. Ayaz Gul

Mr. Irfanullah

Ms. Nayab Gul

Ms. Shumaila Zafar


Ms. Nabeela Gul

Ms. Shehla Afridi

Ms. Shawana Saeed

Ms. Zartaj


Ms. Mashal Khan

Ms. Zainab Wahab

Ms. Zaheena Waheed

Ms. Shaista Maqbool


Ms. Azra Mehmood

Ms. Faryal Khan

Ms. Shabnum Aziz

Ms. Rahat Ali