Security Measures

Safety and security of students had always been our top priority, but the extremely sad tragedy of Army Public School Peshawar in December 2014, has shaken us all. It is such a tragedy that you do not find another such example of brutality with young innocent children across the world. Our sincere sympathies go with the grieved parents and school administration for the unprecedented and irreparable loss.

In fact we pray to Allah for the safety and protection of young children and respectable teachers in our care. But as per our religious injunctions we also have to endeavor in the optimum manner, to enable ourselves to combat any such situation in future. Huge amounts have been invested to take extraordinary safety measures to make the institutional security as foul proof as possible. For better vigilance visiting hours have been curtailed. Cooperation of all parents to observe 9-11 am visiting hours is appreciated. Your input about the student and desire to interact with his/her teachers would be greatly valued if you take an appointment in advance, and visit the school during visiting hours from 9am to 11am from Monday to Saturday.