In order to extend very sincere best wishes to our friends at Bradford, beautiful new year wishes' murals were prepared jointly by all member schools of Peshawar cluster. All member schools designed and prepared 2 x 2 feet wall hangings, expressing their creative and imaginative abilities. Then these wall hangings of 4 member schools were stitched together to make one big muaral with heartfelt wishes for year 2010.
These were sent to Bradford, UK where teachers and students have greatly appreciated the sincere gesture and  creative depiction of genuine feelings for our friends at Green Lane Primary School, Frizing Hall Primary School, Feversham College and Thornton Grammar School.

Miss Gill Kicks from Green Lane Primary School,and Mr.Rizwan, Bradford Cluster Coordinator have already registered their greatly appreciative remarks through recent emails.Thankyou Miss Kicks, and Mr. Rizwan

Mr. Kevin Holland, Principal Green Lane Primary School, Bradford UK - A member of our Bradford cluster of CC project has been hospitalized to have his heart valve replaced. Mr Holland is a wonderful professional, a dynamic principal and a great person.

The director, staff and students of LIMS Hayatabad Peshawar, Pakistan along with other members of the Peshawar cluster wish a speedy recovery to Mr. Kevin Holland, Principal Green Lane Primary School Bradford UK. We pray to Allah that he is granted health, vigour and happiness to rejoin his office and resumes his duties with his usual zeal and high spirits.

"Learning with Fun" day was celebrated at LIMS Hayatabad, Peshawar on Wednesday the 27th of May 2009.LIMS being connected with four schools of Peshawar and four schools of Bradfors UK, organized a mega show of talents through connecting classrooms project of the British Council. The culture of four provinces was displayed through food and dresses by the children of classes nursery to V. The research done by the students on healthy and junk food, colours of life, beverages and crops of Pakistan was shared through displays and role plays. This project will ultimately be sent to other four member schools in England to give them an insight into Pakistani culture and people.

The program was attended by hundreds of parents, members of the community and other schools of Peshawar cluster and by the director, British Council Peshawar, MS Mussarat Khattak. National songs were also sung very melodiously by scores of students in groups and as solos. The student's efforts were greatly appreciated by the people present at the occasion.

The director LIMS, Ms Salma Masood Khan, addressing on the occasion, applauded the efforts of the teachers, cooperation of the parents and hard work of the students. She emphasized the role of activity based learning in quality education of young children and said that such activities will enable students of today to become knowledgable adults of tomorrow who will effectively contribute to the development of country Pakistan
At the completion of the first year of the project two comprehensive reports, the narrative report and the financial report were prepared by the PK Cluster leader at Peshawar Ms. Salma Masood Khan with the assistance of Ms. Samina Riaz. These reports have been sent to the Country leader of the Project Mr. Mashhood Rizvi, Director British Council Karachi; Director British Council Peshawar, Ms. Musarrat Khattak; and UK Cluster leader at Bradford Mr. Rizwanur Rehman. The member schools will share the reports through their cluster leaders at both clusters,Peshawar, PK and Bradford.UK. The narrative report also includes the samples of the work of both British and Pakistani children.

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