Various activities were organized at Qadim’s Lumeire and at LIMS in April and May. Inter School competition between Boys Sections of LIMS and Qadim’s Lumeire were held in 13th and 14th of April 2015 at Qadim’s which included Flat Race, Sack Race, Tug of War, Badminton and Table Tennis. All games except for Table Tennis were won by the students of LIMS and all winners and participants received their certificates on the same day.







Tug of War Class   VI B

Mahir Khan


Flat Race (V B)

Muhammad Saad



Muhammad Akmal

Maaz Khan

Feroz Shah

Sack Race (V B)






Jamil Khan

Badminton (Doubles) (VII B)

Shahid Sharif



Aftab Darya Khan

Abbas Afridi

Ahmad Ghani

Table Tennis (Doubles) (VII B)

Muhammad Amir



Hamza Kamal

Mirwais Mujeeb



British Council has launched wonderful programs for all schools of Pakistan, including Connecting Classrooms and International School Award (ISA), where teachers are capacitated and students are facilitated to develop awareness of global dynamics, and to value geographical & cultural diversities. CC and ISA programs effectively promote national and international links of students and teachers. With these efforts, distances are shrinking, and people across the globe are coming together. The first ever ISA Certificate (for 2012-15) at Pakistan was issued by the British Council on 1st September 2012 for LIMS Hayatabad, Peshawar, and GPS Jaica Model School, Peshawar. Shields and Certificates were awarded in a graceful ceremony at Peshawar on 16th February, 2013, by Mr. Riaz Bahar, Director Education, KPK. This prestigious award is an accreditation for embedding international concepts into the curriculum and whole school ethos.
The 2nd Award Ceremony was organized by the British Council at Islamabad, on 20th March 2014 for the winners of 2013 and 2014. Muhammad Rafiq Tahir, Joint Educational Advisor, Capital Administration Development and Mr. Nasir Nazir Head of Schools Program, British Council were the Guests of Honour. This was a ceremony of certification of the efforts of those schools across Pakistan who are successfully integrating the international dimension to the process of education. The program was conducted by Dr. Salma Masood Khan, Director LIMS, & leading member of the ISA Core team of the British Council Pakistan. Recitation of the Holy Quran was done by Yusra Afzal, and translation by Muteeba Mansoor of Imperial International School and College Islamabad. Children of the same school presented a colourful Chinese dance to heartily welcome all the guests and a dramatic depiction of ISA activities to signify the role and impact of ISA on the education of children.
Syed Khawar Abbas, Project Manager Schools, highlighted the background, purpose and underlying philosophy of the prestigious ISA. Students of Girls Branch of LIMS, impressed the audience with a message rendering melodious song, entitled as “I am the world”
In 2013 the work of 2 other schools was declared of International standard. Hence Imperial International School & College, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi Grammar School were declared the winners of ISA (2013-16). Whereas the work of eight more schools from all over Pakistan enabled them win ISA (2014-16). The heads of the first 4 winning-schools, Ms. Tahira Tanvir, Ms. Zahabia Badri and Ms. Samina Riaz shared their experiences and highlighted the activities that enabled them win the prestigious ISA. The fourth Head, Qazi Abdul Wajih could not participate due to sudden illness.
Awards were given away by the Chief Guest to the heads of eight schools. These included Imperial International School & College Islamabad, Rawalpindi Grammar School, Army Public School, DHAI, Phase II, Islamabad, Peshawar Model Girls High School, Warsak Road, Peshawar, Army Public School Westridge III, Rawalpindi, Myer's College Chakwal, Army Public School Kharian, Springboard School System Rawalpindi, Army Public School COD Karachi & Army Public School & College Kohat.
With awards distribution the ceremony was ended, but the journey of international education to prepare global citizens of tomorrow with commitment and dedication will continue, not only at the winning schools but at that big number of schools also who are aspiring to win this Award in the days to come. We all at LIMS, owe special thanks to the British Council for graciously supporting and precisely guiding all interested.

                                   The Inter School Peshawar Cluster Sports, 2012

The Inter School Sports in the Peshawar Connecting Classrooms Cluster are being held on the following dates and venues as decided by the representatives of different CC Clusters in the British Council’s meeting held at the P & D Committee room of the Agricultural University, Peshawar on 14th May 2012. These Matches are preparatory matches and of preliminary  nature to prepare and select the students for the Connecting Classrooms Olympia to be held at Abbottabad in June 2012


The Heads of all 5 member schools of Peshawar Cluster of the CC (Connecting Classrooms) Project, participated in the ‘Leadership Conference’ organized by the British Council, at Karachi from 26th to 29th February 2012. Heads of the Connecting-Classrooms-Project -Schools of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province, Balochistan Province and of Karachi city participated in this conference. The conference was organized by Ms. Fehmida Fazal, facilitated by Anthony Swainston, Shireen Naqvi and co-conducted for the following key concepts by:

1)      Dr. Salma Masood Khan ---------------- ICT for School Leadership

2)      Dr. Dean                          ---------------- Next generation Learning for Pakistan

3)      Mr. Tony Swainston        --------------- Leadership Excellence in Pakistan

4)      Ms. Shireen Naqvi            --------------  Students’ Councils

                                                                     The Power of Coaching

Mashhood Rizvi, Director Sindh and Balochistan, British Council, Karachi conducted a thought provoking session and Professor Iqbal, Dr. Mary Lal and Anthony Swainston reported on the impacts of the Connecting Classrooms Project at Pakistan and UK. The conference was attended by 120 participants, which included CC School Heads, and senior officials from the Ministries of Education of the participating province.


Leadership Conference II was organized at Lahore from 26th to 29th March, 2012, for CC Project schools of the Punjab Province, Azad Kashmir and Islamabad. Dr. Salma Masood Khan, Shireen Naqvi and other international trainers also conducted series of workshops for polishing up leadership skills of the participants of the conference.

CC Project’s Peshawar Cluster-Meeting

A pre scheduled meeting of the Peshawar Cluster of the Connecting Classrooms Project was held at the Lady Griffith Higher Secondary School, Peshawar City, on 26th April, 2012, from 11am to 2pm. This was one of the regularly held meetings of the Cluster schools. The followings from the member-schools attended the meeting:

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