Leadership Conference I and II

The Heads of all 5 member schools of Peshawar Cluster of the CC (Connecting Classrooms) Project, participated in the ‘Leadership Conference’ organized by the British Council, at Karachi from 26th to 29th February 2012. Heads of the Connecting-Classrooms-Project -Schools of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province, Balochistan Province and of Karachi city participated in this conference. The conference was organized by Ms. Fehmida Fazal, facilitated by Anthony Swainston, Shireen Naqvi and co-conducted for the following key concepts by:

1)      Dr. Salma Masood Khan ---------------- ICT for School Leadership

2)      Dr. Dean                          ---------------- Next generation Learning for Pakistan

3)      Mr. Tony Swainston        --------------- Leadership Excellence in Pakistan

4)      Ms. Shireen Naqvi            --------------  Students’ Councils

                                                                     The Power of Coaching

Mashhood Rizvi, Director Sindh and Balochistan, British Council, Karachi conducted a thought provoking session and Professor Iqbal, Dr. Mary Lal and Anthony Swainston reported on the impacts of the Connecting Classrooms Project at Pakistan and UK. The conference was attended by 120 participants, which included CC School Heads, and senior officials from the Ministries of Education of the participating province.


Leadership Conference II was organized at Lahore from 26th to 29th March, 2012, for CC Project schools of the Punjab Province, Azad Kashmir and Islamabad. Dr. Salma Masood Khan, Shireen Naqvi and other international trainers also conducted series of workshops for polishing up leadership skills of the participants of the conference.