CC Peshawar Cluster Meeting

CC Project’s Peshawar Cluster-Meeting

A pre scheduled meeting of the Peshawar Cluster of the Connecting Classrooms Project was held at the Lady Griffith Higher Secondary School, Peshawar City, on 26th April, 2012, from 11am to 2pm. This was one of the regularly held meetings of the Cluster schools. The followings from the member-schools attended the meeting:


Institution’s Name

Staff-members’ Names



The British Council

1. Ms. Saima Gul

Ass. Project Officer



1.Dr. Salma Masood Khan

Overall Cluster Coordinator & Director LIMS

2. Ms. Samina Riaz

Principal LIMS

3. Ms. Saima Shafique

Senior Teacher of English


Lady Griffith Higher Second. School for Girls

1. Ms. Naheed Begum

Headmistress, Lady Griffith

2. Ms. Farkhand Jabeen

Senior Teacher Lady Griffith

3. Ms. Najma Abdullah


4. Ms. Najmun Nisa


5. Ms. Fariha Anwar


6. Ms. Asma



PAF Shaheen High

School for Boys

1. Mr. Ali Badsha

Headmaster PAF Shaheen School for Boys

2. Mr. Fazle Muqueem

Senior Teacher PAF school

3. Mr. Roohul Amin



Govt. Girls High School, Jamrud, Khyber Agency, FATA

1.Ms. Rehana Parveen

Headmistress, Jamrud Girls High School, FATA

2. Ms. Farah Afridi


3. Ms. Hameeda Begum


4. Ms. Rubina


  1. The meeting started with the follow ups. The cluster coordinator Dr. Salma Masood Khan chaired the meeting, tracked the progress of the previously set targets and provided guidance for the new activities. All school Heads informed that work on the folk games was in progress. Different popular local games were being explored and introduced in the students of different classes of all member schools. The teachers have started making the videos of these old favourites which would soon be uploaded for the students of the CC Project’s partner schools at Bradford UK.

    II.The ‘wiki-stories’ are being discussed and soon the introductions would be written, and submitted in original, to the Cluster Leader for onward sending to Bradford, where these would be continued with and then returned to Peshawar students who would take these further. Guidance was provided for better comprehension of the idea to the participating teachers.

    III.In-depth discussion took place as per Agenda of the meeting. It was agreed upon that:

    1. Each school will prepare a process sheet as per shared format about the activity where, it is taking the lead for the conduction of the chosen activity, and its soft copy would be sent to Ms. Saima Gul of the British Council.
    2. The total number of students involved in the activities of the CC Project this year and the last year would be estimated and sent to the British Council.
    3. Planning was done for the mini Olympia. Inter school matches were scheduled as under:
    1. under:

    a)Girls of LIMS would have a Base Ball match against Girl students of Lady Griffith School, at LIMS Ground on 15th May, 2012

    b) Boys of PAF Shaheen Camp would play a Cricket Match at the LIMS ground on 17th May 2012

    c) The winners of each Cluster are expected to play against winners of Clusters of the Connecting Classrooms Project of the British Council.